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Since 2004, Décor Exchange has been bringing buyers and sellers together all under one roof. To date, we have helped over 4500 people sell their finer furnishings. We encourage reuse, repurpose and resell. By consigning you can avoid the hassle of placing ads, getting calls and texts at all hours, having strangers come to your home or just not showing up at all. Consigning with us is a great way to get your quality furniture and home décor marketed to thousands of people. Our experts will display your items to get the optimal exposure. We average more than 100 customers per day, advertise on Facebook, Pinterest, with WCQR and various local printed publications. Here are things you need to know if you plan on consigning:

  1. We accept only good quality furniture and décor for living room, kitchen, dining, office and bedroom. In addition, we accept sterling and gold jewelry as well as finer handbags. All items must be CLEAN, odor free, without chips, tears, large scratches or missing pieces. Items must be free of dust, dirt or residue. If we accept something that is not clean we shall clean and you will be charged a cleaning fee which will be taken out of the first check, so, please take the time to clean your items first. We want to make available to customers only nice items that can be taken home and immediately used. Items will be checked to make sure that they are in working order at time of consignment. It is helpful in pricing if you can tell us the original price and purchase date merchandise, particularly furniture.
  2. Please have batteries in items that require them. If we accept them you will be charged $1 per battery. We will NOT ACCEPT comforter sets, bedspreads, sheets, blankets, throws, window treatments, table linens, appliances, musical instruments, electronics, cookware or “yard sale” type items. Exceptional dinnerware, glassware & handcrafted quilts are accepted.
  3. We also accept seasonal items during the appropriate season. Spring & Summer: Feb 1 – June 30, Fall: August 1 – September 30, Christmas Oct 1 – Nov 15. Holiday items must be picked up within 5 days after the holiday regardless of the expiration date.
  4. Accessories and small furniture (that will fit in the back seat of an average sized car) are accepted Monday through Friday between 10:30 and 5:30 without an appointment. We accept up to 20 items per day per consignor. There is no limit to the total number of items you may consign. If you have larger pieces of furniture please bring in or email a photo first. Once it has been approved an appointment can be made to bring the item(s) in Monday through Saturday. We do offer a pick up service through a third party mover.  We will let you know their fee in advance as well as coordinate the date and time .
  5. Our consignment period is 90 days and our commission is 50% of the selling price. Once the 90 days ends you will have a 15 day grace period in which to pick up any unsold items. Merchandise not picked up within that 15 day period will become property of the store and cannot be retrieved. At the time of consignment you are provided a receipt with your expiration date. It is solely up to you, the consignor, to keep up with the dates in order to retrieve unsold merchandise. WE DO NOT CALL YOU. Décor Exchange will price merchandise and have it on display within 24 hours. Like you, we want to get the most money possible for your items and, like you, we want your items to sell. Therefore we will price your items as fairly as possible. Furniture and specialty items will be marked down between 20-25% approximately every 4 – 6 weeks.
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